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In May 2021, in light of the ever-changing situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the daring decision was made to stage Windmill's first ever 24 hour musical.  

8pm Friday 31st May, the show was announced (Rock of Ages) and the entire team worked (literally) around the clock to: design, cast, rehearse, costume, set-build and everything in between, in order to stage a full production at 8pm Saturday 22nd May 2021.  

Special thanks have to go to Elana Heitmann, Danny Ginsberg, Mal Fawcett, Mon Sabbatucci, Tess Sabbatucci, Lachie McFarlane, Daragh Wills, Amelia Hunter, Ned Dixon, Jack Hollander, Mark Mackenzie and Sean van Geyzel for all of their hard work to create this spectacle.

Our cast were an amazingly talented, courageous and dedicated bunch of people who supported each other with generosity of spirit throughout. The hard working team front of house, and in every corner of our technical areas were incredible in what they conjured up for us in just one day. Special thanks to the Cranbourne Community Theatre and to StarLite Productions (Daniel Jow) for their generous support of this project.

Finally to the audience who were lucky enough to score a ticket- your energy and support gave us all the last burst of energy we needed to bring it all together (well- sort of ). We think we proved that with true community spirit anything is possible. “Don’t stop believing”

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